Catholic Spirituality Network (CSN)

Welcome to the Catholic Spirituality Network

The Catholic Spirituality Network (CSN) has evolved out of the retreat movement in the Catholic Church. We are a founding member group of the Retreat Association.

As a network we seek to accompany and be accompanied by all who are called to know God. We take as our inspiration the story of Christ accompanying the disciples on the road to Emmaus. Did not our hearts burn within us while he talked to us on the road...? (Luke 24:32).

We create opportunities to gather and reflect together, ecumenically and in the Catholic tradition, remembering that where we gather Christ is present. We offer an annual Conference and occasional other events during the year, some of which take place online.

Our members include individuals, retreat centres and parishes, and all are welcome to join. We are lay or ordained, secular or religious. We seek to listen and respond to the changing times and seasons, attentive to the still small voice.

We trust that it is in being attentive to the Spirit that our hearts will flame out with God’s love. It is in sharing our journey that we find our way.

Catholic Spirituality Network